Writing A College Term Paper Outline

A good term paper takes more than a little research. It requires planning, time management and excellent writing skills. With the right preparation, your essay will land you excellent marks. Get your hands on a term paper pdf or example of term paper for college before you have to write your own. Seeing an example is a great way to ensure you know exactly what the reviewers are looking for.

Choose Topic

The very first thing you need to do is select a topic for your paper. Ideally, you’ll have a unique twist on your essay. Papers that stand out will be more appreciated and tend to rate higher scores.

Do Research On Your Topic

Look for research material that is a little more obscure and skip the obvious slants to work on a more interesting angle.

All your research should come from primary resources so you can create a credible bibliography at the end of the essay.

The Term Paper Outline

Before you get very far, you’ll need a term paper outline. The very basic bones can be laid out early on, then you will fill in the details with research. Without an outline, you run the risk of writing a poor term paper overall.

Look at some term paper samples to get a better idea of what your layout should look like. Arrange your research into a more formal order, fitting it into the outline that you’ve already drawn up. All term paper topics can be organized into a professional outline and this can help you keep track of all the sources you have, as well.

A good outline will enable you write better, so it’s worth the effort you have to put into it. The end result will be a cohesive paper that flows nicely from one section into the next.

Term Paper Writing

Once you have the basics down, it’s all about the writing. The term paper definition is a long essay written on a subject based on the work done during your studies. The actual length may vary, but generally, term papers are around 5,000 words long, or between 10-15 pages. Every essay has three main parts, the introduction, body and conclusion. Follow this format as you write your paper to get off to a good start.

Introduction: This should cover your thesis and the reason for the paper in the first place. Let the reader know exactly what they will learn in the paper. Take a look at a term paper template to get a better idea of how to write this section.

Body: The central part of the essay is the most important, as this is where you will create your reasons or arguments to support your thesis statement. You should have at least three arguments for the position you choose. These should be organized in order of strength, with a strong argument presented first, then each following one proving the point even further. End with your strongest argument.

Conclusion: In the final paragraph of the report, you should restate your thesis and give a brief summary of your arguments to prove your point.

When you’ve completed your term paper, leave it for a week or so. When you go back to edit, it will be fresh and easier to catch the mistakes. It doesn’t hurt to have someone else go over it, as well, to ensure there are no grammar or spelling mistakes.

Writing a term paper is much easier with a term paper outline and template. While this doesn’t eliminate the hard work required for research, it does help you organize everything quickly and easily. By following the steps given here, you should have an excellent essay by the time you’re done.

Basic Things To Know About The College Level Term Paper Format

A college term paper needs t be written in a certain specific format. There are some things that need to be included and others avoided. This website gives more details on the things that you need to do or not do when writing a college level term paper. Check it out. Here are some things to note.


A college level term paper needs to have a topic. In case you have been given a general topic, you have to take an angle of approaching it. Identify the aim of the paper. For instance, is the purpose of the term paper to persuade, argue, analyze or inform?

The title should be good and should catch the reader’s attention. It shouldn’t be too long or too short. You also need to develop on the topic. Some prewriting exercises can help you get started. To do this well, you can use the following methods.
  • Freewriting
  • Clustering
  • Questioning


This is one mandatory thing that should not miss in your college term paper. The thesis should be clear and should provide a preview of what your paper will address. You can start off with a working thesis statement. This working thesis statement will help guide you and let you know of the central goal of your term paper.


You need to begin with your introduction. There are different ways of writing the introduction. You may write an explanatory remark of what your term paper is about. Also state the purpose of the paper. Narrow it down until you give your thesis statement.


Different topics should be separated into different paragraphs or sections. As you write your body paragraphs, ensure that each has topic sentences. Ensure that each paragraph is about one main idea. This will help the reader understand that different ideas are being presented.

Prepare an outline

The topic sentence should guide you on the message of each paragraph.


In the last section, provide a conclusion. It should pinpoint your thesis statement. However, you need not restate it exactly. You can propose a course of action to a problem, expound on the relevance of your term paper or go back to the theme that you had highlighted in the introduction.


Ensure that you use the right format to cite your sources. This will help you avoid plagiarism.

Other things to take note of include,

  • Ensure that the grammar is decent
  • Eliminate any B.S
  • Do not plagiarize.

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